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  • MAHPBA Member Testimonials!

    ***** "As a newer hearth professional I feel that the educational opportunities offered by MAHPBA are fantastic. Also the camaraderie at the shows is much better than any other industry that I have been involved with."  Bryan B. 10/11/17

    ***** "MAHPBA is the glue that holds us all together! The fireplace and chimney industry is ever changing. MAHPBA keeps goverment affairs front and center. Education tracks keep our employees and staff current. Being part of an organization that helps our industry push forward is money well spent! Oh wait...... MAHPBA offers Co-op with several manufacturers so if you plan accordingly, your membership dues can be covered. As a fireplace professional, there really is NO reason not to become a member." Brad M. 10/11/17

    "I love MAHPBA.  I always feel that there is a team behind me."  Tom H.  10/11/17