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  • NJ Issue Update!

    HVACR 13:32A is being enforced in the State of NJ and MAHPBA members continue to have their work obstructed when it comes down to installing gas lines. 

    See the updated presentation by MAHPBA's Government Affairs Committee Chairman, Ron Kessner, Fireplaces Plus Inc, Manahawken, NJ

  • NJ Issue Update, November 2017
  • Master Hearth Professional Sub-License

    September 12 found our Committee and a group of passionate hearth professionals in Somerset discussing MAHPBA's efforts to create a Master Hearth Professional Bill as a sub-license under the Plumber's Board. While a goal will be to have our own Board, there are some limitations. The concept of a sub-license was conceived for several reasons:

    • MAHPBA's Bill would provide a baseline of rights to hearth professionals.
    • MAHPBA would encounter less opposition from the Executive Branch.
    • Further amendments to HVACR will no doubt be required - MAHPBA will benefit by having a strong alliance with the Plumbers.
    • Time is needed for a new MAHPBA Board to become fully-operational; collaborating with the Plumber's Board will bring stability as it will take years for regulations to be developed, promulgated and adopted.


    Currently the Committee is finalizing educational requirements/distinctions (NFI, IFGC) as well as gaining momentum by reaching out to manufacturers to identify common philosophies and mutual benefits! MAHPBA is confident that the solution to our program is embodied in our draft Bill.

    Information will continue to be shared via email blasts, newsletters and at mahpba.org. The team has been working tirelessly to support their own livelihoods as well as yours - volunteer hours are in the hundreds with much energy and effort going into industry-wide legislation. Funds are depleting rapidly - won’t you please be a part of this quest to protect our industry and our businesses as well as guarantee the rights of future installers. Please consider making a donation and being a part of this change. While our spending is responsible, funds are being depleted. 

    About those denied permits - we've fielded many calls lately and have successfully resolved all rejected inspections to date! Should you run into obstacles when conducting your work, call Deb at 603 669-2744 x103. Our Government Affairs team is here to help our members- we are your watchdog at the grassroots level ready, willing, and able to serve as a resource and advocate for your business!

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