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    Lancaster, PA: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 (All Fuel Types) following MAHPBApalooza (Annual Meeting) 

    Registration is now closed for this event.


    HPBEF and NFI have made significant changes to the NFI Certification Procedure in 2019.  

    About 60% of the manual and exam content for each fuel (Woodburning, Gas and Pellet) is common to all three. Topics like combustion, clearances, safety, etc., are
    included in all three manuals and exams. NFI took that “core” knowledge and created a single Core Knowledge manual and exam.

    If you are NOT currently NFI Certified and want to become certified in Woodburning, Gas or Pellet, you will need to take both the Core Exam plus the Woodburning, Gas or Pellet Exam.

    If you are currently NFI Certified and want to certify in Gas, Woodburning or Pellet, you do not need to take the Core Exam; only the Gas, Woodburning or Pellet Exam.

    The Hearth Design Specialist Certification includes core and all technologies, and is an all-encompasing Exam.  You do not need to take the Core Exam with the Hearth Design Specialist Certification Exam.

    Read more about the changes to NFI Certification Here.