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  • The MAHPBA Government Affairs Committee works to serve its members’ businesses by advocating the hearth industry’s interests to all levels of government and protecting the industry from restrictive public policy and regulation.
    The greatest challenges to the hearth industry are government regulations that impact our livelihood. Knowledge is the key to protecting ourselves and our businesses. Our industry faces more government regulation than any other building material industry segment because we impact both the environment and energy - two of the most hotly-debated areas of national concern. Even when regulation is formed at the national level, it is almost always implemented at the local level.
    Our Government Affairs team is here to help; we are your watchdog at the grassroots level ready, willing, and able to serve as a resource and advocate for your business!
  • New Jersey Issue - Government Affairs

    The MAHPBA has introduced Legislation in New Jersey to protect your business. "Click Here" to find out why the Master Hearth Professional Bill is needed or Visit the "NJ Issue" Website
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