• 2019 Pre-Conference Training Opportunities! 
    Sunday, June 2, 2019 in Lancaster,  PA

    Option #1 Roof Safety for the Hearth & Chimney Professional

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    Presented by:

    Ronny Roseveare, President, Slator, LLC, Roofing business owner and inventor of several patented roof access and repair products.

    Robert Harwick, Slator, LLC, Roofing  

    Brian Hughes, Petzl Technical Advisor & area Sales Representative

    Kurt Evers, Superior Fireplace Operations Manager

    Class Time:  8:30AM—5PM includes 2 breaks + lunch

    Class Size:  Limited to 30 Students

    Class Description:  ALL DAY HANDS ON training.   Four groups rotating through the following class segments:

    1) Evaluating, choosing and installing roof anchors.  Participants will inspect many different roof anchors available in the market place, learn the proper use and limitations of each and develop a sense of how to choose the best anchor for their work.  Participants will also be introduced to techniques for moving about and working safely on slate roofs, and learn how to remove slate quickly and reinstall them easily.  These skills will enable chimney workers to work on slate roofs with more safety and confidence.

    2) Will cover roof access “First up Last Down” using the Goat, Ridge Hook, Slator bracket, Petzl Toss bag, and the sling shot method.  Participants will receive a free book (The Tree Climber’s Companion) and a short section of rope for practicing knot tying.  Robert manages Blue Glass, LLC’s full time roofing repair crew and his team uses these knots and techniques on a daily basis to create safe working conditions on every jobsite.

    3) Choosing the right equipment and how to care for it.  We will allow you to try on several different type of equipment.

    4) OSHA & MOSH guidelines, including inspection vs working.

    *If you have your own fall protection equipment bring it.  Also bring any photos you may have of difficult roof access.** 

    $229/person –MAHPBA member company

    $280/person non-MAHPBA members

  • Option 2:  Cancelled

    Crystalline Silica, Respiratory & Asbestos Training 

    Class Time:  9AM—2:30 includes 2 breaks + lunch

    Class Description:  This class combines the following 4 segments:

    1)  SILICA COMPETENT PERSON FOR CONSTRUCTION Training:  OSHA’s New Silica Law was created to help protect workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica.  Workers who inhale very small crystalline silica particles are at increased risk of developing serious — and often deadly — silica-related diseases. This class will provide commonsense, affordable and flexible strategies for employers to protect workers from the serious risks posed by silica exposure.

    2)  RESPIRATORY PROTECTION Training:  Respiratory protection is part of working in the construction industry.  Learn where, how and why you and your employees need protection; the correct type of mask to use in various situations, how to don a mask, maintain masks,  replacement routine and much more.

    3) ASBESTOS Training:  Asbestos is well recognized as a health hazard and its use is now highly regulated by both OSHA and EPA.   Learn how to best control your exposure to asbestos through engineering controls, administrative actions, and personal protective equipment (PPE) .

    4) HAZARD COMMUNICATION “Globally Harmonized System” Training is about Safe Handling of Hazardous Chemicals. All employees who have potential exposure to hazardous chemicals MUST have this training. OSHA penalties have been severe for those who have NOT provided this training

    OPTIONAL FIT TESTING*$35.00* at end of class

    *Option for OSHA approved fit testing session if you can bring a medical form.

    $179/person –MAHPBA member rate + $35 Fit Testing

    $230/person non-MAHPBA member rate + $35 Fit Testing